Garden by Miller Hammond

everyone is born with a garden inside them.

no two gardens look the same,
just like no two flowers are the same.
people might have different soil, a different climate.
warm, muggy, and sticky.
dry, coarse, and smooth.

different colors, arrangements,
different levels of tidiness–
some people like to keep their flowers in
sweet little rows,
or they prefer when their garden is overgrown and climbing the fence.

some people’s flowers are lovely-looking,
but thorny or poisonous.
they seep syrupy scents
and prick you when you try to pick them.
beware the toxic garden.

some people’s flowers are small, delicate,
and hard to see, but they’re there.
some people’s gardens don’t have any flowers–
they’ve been trampled or torn up from their soil.
what’s a person supposed to do without their flowers?

sometimes people with no flowers left give up.
it takes too much to plant new seeds,
and they don’t have the energy to go on.
weeds grow, the soil dries
and the garden dies.

sometimes people plant fake ones.
they’re very pretty, colourful, distracting.
you can’t even tell they’re fake until you look very close.
you pass their gardeners on the street and say, “nice garden.”
and they say, “thanks, i grew it myself.”


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